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How to Apply for Two Jobs with the Same Company

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If you're longing to work for a specific establishment, you might be tempted to apply for two jobs at the same company. Applying for multiple openings can be tricky, but if you're truly qualified for both positions, it could work in your favor. There are some things you can do to make your applications stand out and help you secure one of the two jobs you apply for.

Compare Qualifications

Read over the qualifications listed for both jobs carefully, and make sure you meet all requirements before you apply. According to "U.S. News," employers sometimes view job seekers who apply for multiple positions as naive and unfocused, and if you aren't really qualified for one or both positions, they're more likely to pass on both applications. If you're more qualified for one job than the other, it's recommended that you focus on applying for that one rather than both. However, if you're equally qualified, it's acceptable to push forward with your two applications.

Create Two Resumes and Cover Letters

If the two jobs vary significantly in terms of qualifications and responsibilities, it's best to prepare two resumes and cover letters -- one for each position. This allows you to effectively highlight your relevant education, skills and other qualifications for each position. This will stand out more than a standard resume with a general list of skills and experience that isn't directly related to each available position. It will also demonstrate that you possess a great deal of experience and are a highly qualified applicant with a lot to offer the company.

Make a Case for Yourself

Acknowledge that you're applying for multiple jobs within the company if an employer asks, and be prepared to explain yourself. For example, tell the employer that you've had your sights set on her company for years, and you noticed that you were qualified for two openings that arose and decided to apply for each. Back up your qualifications throughout the interview and really sell yourself as a top candidate. Refer to your relevant resume, if necessary.


As an alternative to applying for two positions from the start, you could mention briefly in your application or interview for one position that you would be interested in another open position within the company. You may also wish to apply for one position and then wait for a response before applying for the other.