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How to Announce a New Staff Person

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Starting a new job is an exciting -- although somewhat scary -- experience. As a manager, you have the opportunity to ensure that your new hire receives a warm welcome from the rest of your staff by announcing her arrival in advance. Making an announcement will keep the rest of your workers in the loop and give them the chance to prepare for an addition to their team. Depending on the size of your company, you have several options for how you can make the announcement.


Email is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to announce that an employee will be joining your staff -- especially if your company is large. You can easily address an email to go out to every employee, or to select staff who will be working closely with the new team member. Your email can be short and simple, and should include the new person's name and the date he'll be starting at the company. You could also include a brief summary of his experience and qualifications. In conclusion, ask your employees to help make him feel welcome and assist him as he adjusts to his new work environment.


If you don't have an email communication system in place for your staff, write a similar announcement but post it as a memo in your employee lounge or on the company bulletin board. This announcement method is effective in small companies, but in larger companies there is no guarantee that the memo will be seen by everyone.


A new hire announcement can serve as content for your company newsletter, and this method will give you a chance to share her experience in article-format with the rest of your staff. Write a few paragraphs about her background or include a statement or interview from her. An announcement in a newsletter is appropriate when you have plenty of notice that a new hire will be joining your company, as you'll need time to write the article, print the newsletter and distribute it to staff before her first day.


If you prefer making important announcements in person, host a meeting with the staff members who will work directly with your new employee to tell them about his upcoming arrival. Share his name and the date he'll be starting at the company. The biggest benefit to making an announcement during a meeting is that it will create room for dialogue. Your employees will have the ability to ask you questions about him, and you'll have the chance to speak with employees personally and tell them about your expectations regarding his treatment once he starts.

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