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Greeting a New Coworker

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Being the new person on the job can cause many otherwise calm people to experience an onset of social anxiety. As someone who has been on board for a while, you can easily help to ease your new coworker's transition into her new job by showing that you welcome her and helping her to feel at home.

Initial Greetings

Don't be shy about introducing yourself to your new coworker. She's likely nervous, and your greeting will help not only to break the ice, but to make her feel welcome. Simply walk up to her with your hand outstretched and say, "Hello, my name is John Doe and I'm happy you'll be working with us." Follow up your greeting with a few questions -- but not an inquisition -- about how long she's lived in the area and how she heard about the job. Make your greeting effective by looking her in the eye, speaking clearly and using both your first and last name, advises the EmilyPost website.

Making Him Comfortable

Too often, new employees arrive at work only to find that a lack of communication has resulted in an unprepared office or a phone line that is still not connected. Part of genuinely greeting a new colleague includes taking him under your wing a bit. Give him the e-mail address of the person responsible for connecting the phone line. Meanwhile, you can walk with him down the hall and help him to find an extra chair or supplies he needs right away until his manager gets a chance to help him get his office organized.


Introduce your new colleague to coworkers. Say, "Dan, I'd like you to meet Ann. Today is her first day in accounting." This will help your less outgoing coworkers greet your new colleague in a fashion that will make her feel welcomed and at home. Don't forget to introduce her to people outside the department, as well. It will be helpful for her to know who the security guards are, for example. Just don't try to introduce her to everyone on the very first day. That can be overwhelming and she's likely to forget people's names and positions.

Asking Her to Lunch

Make your greeting an extended one by asking your new colleague to lunch. This will ensure she avoids the awkwardness of quietly eating at her desk on her first day. On the way to lunch, point out your favorite take-out restaurants, and show her where the best parking spots are located. She'll appreciate having an insider's view so soon. Let her know that she's welcome to join you during the lunch hour and at the company softball game so that she needn't feel adrift during her first days with the company.


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