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Advantages and Disadvantages of Temporary Jobs

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Temporary employment agencies provide work opportunities on a temporary basis with many different companies in the area. The opportunities span many industries and job duties, providing a varied experience for a temporary employee. When considering a temporary job assignment, weigh the pros and cons to ensure this type of work fits your financial needs and career goals.

Gateway to Permanent Position

Working as a temporary employee gets you in the door of many local businesses. You get hands-on experience working for the company to gain insider knowledge of how the company works and its expectations. You also get the chance to meet and impress the supervisors and hiring managers at the business. When a permanent position becomes available, you have the advantage over other candidates who don't have the same connection and personal knowledge of the company's processes. You also gain essential work skills in the real world that make your resume stand out. While a degree is useful, actual work experience often is desired by employers.


Because you move to different assignments, being a temporary employee allows for variety in your career. A permanent position often entails the same duties every day, which can quickly become boring. If you aren't sure which field you want to enter, the varying job assignments give you a chance to test different types of jobs. You also vary your portfolio of work experience when you look for a permanent position.

Job Security

While no position is completely safe from downsizing, a regular, full-time job often gives an employee a greater sense of job security. As a temporary employee, you might have to wait for a vacancy that fits your skill set and preferences. In some cases, you have to accept a temp job that doesn't interest you at all just to make money. When you do get an assignment, you aren't guaranteed a lengthy stay with the company. Temporary workers run the risk of periods without an income because of the potential for gaps between assignments. You are also less likely to receive benefits as a temporary employee.

Less Satisfaction

As a temporary employee, you might lack the job satisfaction felt in a full-time position. Temp workers often are not treated the same as full-time employees with the company. You can feel like an outsider and lack a strong connection with your colleagues. You aren't often at one company long enough to see the effects of your work. Temporary workers frequently move to new companies, meaning you must learn a new set of expectations and duties.


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