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Job Description for Light Duty Work

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Light duty work is often associated with an employee who has undergone surgery or is returning to work following a medical leave. Employers assign duties that are not physically demanding and will allow an employee to integrate back into the workplace.


Light duty assignments are often temporary and employees are assigned specific tasks for a limited period.

Shorter Work Hours

Employers often assign shorter work hours to employees who fall in the light duty work category. An employee may work four to five hours instead of a full eight- or 12-hour shift.

No Physical Demands

A light duty work description requires an employee to refrain from tasks that are physically demanding, such as lifting or standing for hours at a time.

Light Duties

Employees assigned to light duty work may be required to perform non-physically demanding job tasks. These duties meet the needs of employers and can allow an employee to maintain a productive work flow. Examples of light duties include answering phones, completing paperwork, assisting co-workers, data entry and light filing.