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Accounting Associate Degree Salary

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Salaries for those with associate degrees in accounting vary by job title, since that defines duties, responsibilities and clients. Highest paying among these positions is financial controller, who is responsible for the flow of money in an organization. He makes a median $55,602 per year. An accountant ensures that the company keeps accurate financial records, pays taxes on time and follows all applicable money rules and regulations. She makes $39,696 annually. An office manager coordinates the day-to-day running of his office and earns $35,984 yearly. All information is from the PayScale Report as of January 2011.

Hourly Rates

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Those with associate degrees in accounting may work part-time for several companies or hire themselves out as consultants. In either case, hourly rates are more standard than yearly salaries and also depend on job title. For example, accounting clerks assist accounting staff with financial record keeping and make $11.74 to $15.63 hourly. Bookkeepers record financial transactions, such as income and expenses, and make $9.32 to $15.33 per year. Administrative assistants help with general office tasks, such as filing client records, answering phones and tracking supply purchases. They earn $11.06 to $15.39 hourly.


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Greater experience means a wider client base, deeper knowledge of accounting and exposure to more accounting strategies. It thus grants higher pay. For example, new associates earn a median $33,100 per year, while those with one to four years of work make $35,485. At five to nine years of experience, they make $38,970 and at 10 to 19 years, they receive $45,370. Finally, with 20 or more years of employment, they are paid $47,730.


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Because the type of employer defines the type and amount of work, and the type of client, it can affect salaries. The highest-paying for those with accounting associate degrees are contract employees who hire themselves out to companies for a specified length of time. They make $53,458 per year. They are followed closely by the federal government at $52,402. Those who are self-employed earn $33.563, while those in companies get $41,995.


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Location affects compensation because the local cost of living can increase or decrease all salaries in general. The state with the highest yearly salary is New York at $45,491, followed by California at $46,022. Both have high populations, offering greater job opportunities, but also have relatively high costs of living. The city with the best paying employers is New York City, where compensation is at $50,050. It is followed by Chicago, Illinois, with salaries at $49,750, and Cincinnati, Ohio, with pay at $48,746.

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