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Working at home is an ideal solution if you've got small children or if you're otherwise unable to commute to work. However, working from home for large, well-known companies is relatively uncommon. Some companies, such as Verizon, offer hourly home-based jobs that allow people to make extra income without leaving the house.

Verizon Home Jobs

Though Verizon does allow people to work from home, the hiring and administration of these people is done through a company called Arise. Arise is a separate company to which Verizon has outsourced these jobs. Arise also handles customer service work for many other well-known companies like the Home Depot and Walgreens.


Arise is a third-party company that hires independent contractors to do handle work for large companies such as Verizon. This work includes customer service, sales and technical support. Hiring people as independent contractors enables potential employees to work for Arise in addition to any other jobs they may have. The ability to work at home also lets stay-at-home parents work for Arise.


Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar companies that require you to merely show up for work each day, Arise asks a lot of its Verizon hourly home-based employees. If you wish to work as a Verizon employee through Arise, you must complete a virtual training program and create a corporation in your own name, under which you will conduct business as an independent contractor of Arise. You must also set up a home office with a modern computer, a high-speed Internet connection and a land-line phone. In total, the investment to work for Arise can cost as much as $600.


The idea of working at home for Verizon sounds like a great idea, but the format has been given mixed reviews on the Internet. The website Ripoff Report states that former employees have issues with inadequate training, low pay and the initial outlay of cash. However, the site also states that Arise is a legitimate company that has the best interests of its independent contractors at heart.


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