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The Average Salary of a Title Abstractor

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Title abstractors earned, on average, $48,190 per year, according to 2014 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries for title abstractors vary based upon the area of the country where you live and the type of industry in which you are employed. All salaries listed here are valid as of 2014.

Salary Range

Title abstractor salaries differ widely from the average annual pay of $48,190. The BLS reports that salaries for title abstractors ranged from a low of $27,070 per year to a high of $76,300 annually.

Pay Varied by Location

Title abstractors earned the most money in Alaska, where the average annual wage was $62,500. Earnings were also high in Texas and California, where the average title abstractor earned $59,870 and $57,430, respectively. Earnings were lowest in Alabama, where the average title abstractor earned $33,080 per year. In Kentucky, yearly earnings were also well below the national average, at $33,950.

Salaries Among Different Industries

The highest paying jobs for title abstractors are in the field of pipeline transportation of natural gas, where the average annual pay was $82,860. Jobs in the field of oil and gas extraction were also lucrative, with an average yearly salary of $76,010. Pay was lowest in the legal services industry, where the average title abstractor earned $44,470 per year. In offices of real estate agents and brokers, the average title abstractor earned $45,410.