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HIPAA Compliance Officer Job Description

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A Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance officer under general supervision develops and maintains the HIPAA medical privacy and information security compliance programs in a given organization. It is the duty if this officer to ensure the organization complies with the HIPAA of 1996. The HIPAA compliance officer collaborates with various departments making sure medical privacy and information security procedures are handled adequately.


The HIPAA compliance officer's responsibilities includes monitoring the regulatory requirements under the HIPAA law, creating HIPAA privacy and security programs and introducing policies promoting compliance. The officer is the liaison to the departments in his organization and educates the department heads and managers to implement compliance. He aids departments in preparing legal documents and forms. When departments are out of compliance the officer makes contingency plans for medical information that may include information backup plans, disaster recovery, emergency mode, operation plans and applications for critical information analysis. He provides training and relevant information for privacy and security. The officer submits training and other reports related to compliance. When independent contractors provide medical services to an organization, the HIPAA compliance officer verifies that they follow all privacy regulations.


Graduation from high school or its equivalent is necessary for a HIPAA compliance officer. The employer also accepts a combination of management experience and training. The employer may provide training resulting in a HIPAA compliance certificate. Ongoing training is provided to officers when revisions to HIPAA laws are enforced.

Work Environment

The HIPAA compliance officer works in an office but may need to travel for meetings and conferences, depending on the size of the organization for which he works.


The officer possesses knowledge of HIPAA-related rules and regulations as well as administrative and organizational systems. The officer needs to know how to conduct evaluations and implement research methods. Standard command of the English language involving usage and grammar is required. The officer must also have the ability to read, learn, understand and interpret the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

Salary and Occupational Outlook

As of 2014, according to job website Indeed, the average HIPAA compliance officer makes a salary of $74,000. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the need for HIPAA compliance officers will increase more than 20 percent by the year 2018.