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Responsibilities of an Army Information Management Officer

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An Army information management officer (IMO) is responsible for several duties, including advising the commander, coordinating with higher headquarters, and ensuring computer and communications security.

Management Oversight

An Army IMO acts as the commander’s representative for all information management (IM) and information technology (IT) issues.


The IMO is responsible for issuing passwords, monitoring Internet use and ensuring proper IT security measures are followed within the unit.


The IMO acts as the liaison between the unit and the installation director of information management (DOIM). The IMO interfaces with the DOIM for security, software and equipment upgrades and requests for repair.

Unit Website

The IMO ensures the unit’s website is correct and updated. Website access is also monitored.

Unit Publications

The IMO conducts a review every 18 months to ensure all unit publications, policies and procedures are updated and correct. An inventory of all publications is maintained.


Greg Epperly retired in 2002 from the United States Army after 20 years in calibration electronics. He has been writing professionally since 1985. He has written various calibration and electronics training materials, and numerous operational and quality-control procedures. Epperly has a Bachelor of Science in management studies from the University of Maryland.