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What Are the Duties of a Secretariat?

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The duties of a secretariat involve multiple individuals executing daily administrative tasks for an organization. Government, educational and other large institutions utilize a secretariat department. Duties include handling human resource and personnel issues. Depending on the organization, the secretariat handles company finances, is responsible for office design and manages the company database.

Human Resources

One of the duties of a secretariat involve handling human resources within an organization. Some secretariat staff handle personnel recruitment. Others maintain personnel files for current employees and make sure all information is current. Secretariat staff also process internal applications for job promotion requests or special assignment placement. Staff members input all personnel information into an organizational database, which must be kept current at all times. Additional responsibilities include reassigning employees returning from special assignments.


Duties of a secretariat include the implementation of policies as handed down by the governing body of an organization. The secretariat has no decision-making powers. Secretariat staff handle issues after they have been presented to, and acknowledged by, management. In 2004, U.N. secretariat staff began redesigning offices within the organization in environmentally sustainable materials only after receiving an official mandate. Secretariat staff update data management and funding techniques as dictated by organizational needs.

Media/Public Relations

Handling media requests are another duty of a secretariat. Staff members inform media outlets about work performed by the organization and upcoming events. The secretariat organizes conferences and identifies potential funding sources. Secretariat staff handle questions and concerns from organizational clients, investors or associates. Staff also translate materials submitted to, or distributed by, their organization. The secretariat handles newsletter publication for organization employees and the general public. Management closely monitors and controls all information released by the secretariat staff.

Trend Tracking

Duties of a secretariat include trend tracking. Secretariat staff collect data that document economic and/or technological trends and problems. Staff members conduct research on a regular basis. Sometimes additional temporary staff assists with the trend collection process. The information assists governing organizational parties in developing new programs or updating old ones. Secretariat staff also documents if organizational practices are productive by monitoring data management and fiscal acquisition techniques. Findings are presented to management on a yearly basis.


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