Job Description of a Business Coordinator

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If a successful business is a well-oiled machine, then the business coordinator is the central engine or conduit through which information flows. The business coordinator is responsible for keeping necessary departments in tune with necessary processes and helping support the overall business.

Typical Job Duties

Though specific responsibilities may vary from company to company, a business coordinator typically acts as a central information source for different leaders and teams throughout an organization. He can be tasked with providing exceptional customer service to internal and external clients. He may also maintain financial records and data for his superiors and direct specific business issues or customer complaints to the appropriate teams in the organization. He may also be responsible for general office duties such as creating expense reports and distributing mail. Though he may regularly engage with department leadership, a business coordinator typically will not have any direct reports that he supervises.

Educational and Experience Requirements

Educational and work experience requirements for a business coordinator often vary by employer. However, an associates or bachelor's degree in business administration, accounting or some other business-related field can greatly help an aspiring coordinator earn a position. Having relevant work experience can also help a person become a business coordinator. Work experience as administrative support in the industry of a prospective employer can also make a candidate a more attractive hire.

Necessary Skills

A business coordinator must be highly organized and efficient without compromising the quality of the work. Proficiency in computer programs such as Microsoft Office is also highly desirable. Because this typically is a non-supervisory position, a business coordinator must be adept at handling change and accepting direction from his immediate superiors. However, he should also be able to act independently when necessary.

General Salary Information

According to, the national salary average for business coordinators in 2014 was $52,962. Different factors can contribute to salary differentials between business coordinators. Location, company size and industry are some of the factors that can contribute to a business coordinator making more or less than the national average. For instance, a salary survey shows business coordinators at Honda earning over $10,000 more than the national average and over $15,000 more than their counterparts employed by major universities.