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Job Description for an Event Assistant

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An event assistant helps event organizers conceive, plan and produce events such as festivals, exhibitions, fairs, conferences, product launches and other social events. In most cases an event assistant will work as part of a team within an event management company, or in-house for a company or organization,

Job Description

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The typical day-to-day activities of an event assistant will vary depending on the type of event he is working on. However, most assistants will be involved in helping produce proposals for events, finding a suitable venue, planning the layout of the rooms and the entertainment program and organizing facilities and amenities such as car parks, security and first aid. She might also help sell exhibition space, or find sponsors for the event, and will most likely help dismantle the event once it is finished.


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When not working on-site for an event, the hours of an event assistant are regular office hours Monday to Friday. However, when working on an event, the hours are often long and unsociable, with weekend and evening work common. An assistant may also be required to travel to venues and suppliers and may be expected to work outdoors in all kinds of weather. Freelance work is available for those who have moved on from being assistants to being organizers, provided they have experience and a big book of contacts.


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There are no minimum qualifications required to work as an events assistant. Employers look for people who have a working knowledge of the industry and have gained some work experience, either paid or voluntary, helping in the organizing of an event. People working in the events industry must have excellent organizational skills, the ability to work well under pressure and in a team.

Career Progression

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The career path of an events assistant will depend on the company he is working for. Most will involve moving from assistant to a the post of team leader with responsibility over a number of other staff members, or alternatively it may involve promotion to a different management role. Often promotion occurs through changing jobs and companies. Many events organizers choose to move into freelance work by setting up their own businesses.


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According to, the average annual salary for event organizers in the U.S. was between $46,849 and $63,799 in 2010. The lowest 10 percent of events organizers earned $39,717 a year. Benefits for an event assistant include health insurance, pension plans and paid vacation.

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