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Assistant Coordinator Job Description

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In a company, the assistant coordinator reports to the supervisor to ensure event planning is properly executed. Working with other colleagues, suppliers, or outside sources is crucial during the organization process.

Job Requirements

The two key prerequisites of an assistant coordinator is the ability to work independently and work well with others. This is important because some companies may require her to direct her peers when working on events or take the initiative to begin the project alone. Taking responsibility and staying organized is essential in the planning process. The ability to network and maintain strong working relationships with vendors and suppliers is vital in building a secure contact list for future functions.


Employees in this profession have usually obtained a 4-year college degree or higher in fields such as business, management or an associated field. Within some businesses, formal education is not required, but previous job experience is an asset.

Career Opportunities

There is a demand for assistant coordinators within most companies. Mainly industries such as marketing, product development, and sales call for this position. Education may come in handy when applying in this field.