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What Is a One Stop Career Center?

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The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 made provision for the establishment of centers to assist the nation’s job seekers. The United States Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (ETA) operates the One-Stop Career Center System, providing career centers in each of the states, which offer a full range of free services designed to assist the job seeker.


Centers provide a positive environment in which job seekers can receive help in finding suitable employment. The free services on offer cover all processes of the job search, from finding suitable vacancies and submitting applications to interviewing and securing the job. Services are available through the Internet or in-person at the many centers located throughout the nation.


Career counselors perform aptitude tests and interview job seekers to determine what type of work is best for them. They also assist job seekers to use the most appropriate methods for finding jobs, create winning resumes, improve interview skills and negotiate benefit packages.


For many people, advances in technology in recent years mean that they are not as computer literate as they would like to be. This can be a disadvantage when so many positions today require familiarity with computing. Career centers can provide training to help job seekers acquire, and improve upon, existing skills, such as typing speed, data entry and software application familiarity.


Training is also available in a number of other important requisites in the job seeking process, such as creating a cover letter and resume and honing interview skills. A cover letter and resume are the first impressions a company will receive about a job seeker, and they are vitally important in securing an interview.


Interviews can seem daunting, but with adequate preparation, they can be easy to navigate. Career centers can help job seekers prepare for their interviews and help them practice interview techniques. Job seekers learn about researching a company prior to the interview in order to display knowledge and interest in the company. Practicing answering typical interview questions will also make the experience more comfortable.