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Job Description of a Brand Manager

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Brand management focuses on the marketing activities of a certain brand to increase its popularity among target consumers, while also gaining market share. The function of brand management is to take a company's products and focus on building a favorable, positive image in the eyes of the public, using creative marketing techniques. As markets become increasingly competitive, brand managers serve as a vital force in helping differentiate a company from those of the competition.


Brand managers are generally responsible for building brand equity of a company's product or line of products with the help of a cross-functional team, which includes other departments such as product development, market research, advertising, public relations and sales. This collaboration, therefore, develops integrated positioning strategies to ensure maximum brand exposure for a company.

Other critical tasks of a brand manager involve in-depth consumer analysis to determine the overall demand of the company's products; liaising with marketing to create promotional tactics that will boost brand image; review and analysis of sales results of the brand's products to determine future product developments and business opportunities for the brand; keeping the marketing team informed of new brand visions; overseeing assistant brand managers to ensure that strategies are executed properly. In addition, to keep up with the growing complexity of business, brand managers also must stay informed of ongoing technological advances.

Education Requirements

According to, an extensive range of educational backgrounds is acceptable for those aspiring to be brand managers. However, this profession requires that you obtain a bachelor's degree and additional training in coursework related to business administration, marketing, advertising, communications, economics or statistics.

Work Environment

Brand managers typically work full-time, consisting of 40 hours or more per week. They are also expected to work evenings and weekends. Because of the demanding nature involved in building and sustaining company brands, brand managers must meet numerous deadlines and attend frequent meetings with other company departments. In addition, brand managers are expected to travel throughout the United States and possibly overseas to collaborate with various clients.

Career Path

Brand managers typically start in entry-level positions such as market researchers or sales representatives. With experience and proven success, there is the potential of being promoted to brand manager. Alternately, brand management positions also are filled by hiring new professionals who possess the necessary educational backgrounds and skills expected by employers.


Brand managers are employed by various types of organizations. According to, as of May 2010, those who are employed permanently by a company are reported to earn a salary range of $59,200 to $99,600 per year. A brand manager who has his own branding firm and contracts his services to various companies (very often this is the case) earns a salary of $33,000 to $99,800. In addition, as of May 2010, brand managers who are employed by non-profit organizations earn between $42,900 to $76,300.