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The Job Description of a Hospital HR Director

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A HR director heads the human resources department in a hospital, overseeing the entire functioning of the department. This position reports directly to the CEO of a hospital. Recruitment of employees, training, functioning, setting the salaries and benefits of employees and managing employee-employer relations, are some of the primary duties of a hospital HR director.


A bachelor’s degree or MBA in human resources and several years of HR experience --- especially in health care --- are essential to work as a hospital HR director. The director is expected to know how a hospital functions, and have knowledge of personnel and staff requirements for each section of the hospital, such as accounts, building maintenance, logistics, ambulance, nursing, diagnostic labs, paramedics, departments of medicine and emergency staff.


Hiring of hospital staff is one of the responsibilities of the HR director. For senior medical positions, such as surgeons, specialist doctors and radiologists, the hospital HR director prepares job postings. Guidelines are drawn up by the HR director for job applicant screenings, as well as, for the recruiting of junior level positions: physiotherapists, ultra sound technicians, X-ray technicians, accounts assistants, computer operators, computer programmers and billing assistants. Along with the CEO, hospital directors and hospital department heads, the HR director actively participates in the selection of doctors and surgeons. HR personnel will perform background checks, create offer letters and employment contracts under the supervision of the HR director.


The HR director works with the CEO and other hospital directors to set the salary range and benefits for employees of that hospital. Benefits the HR director sets include group health insurance, retirement benefits, paid leave, sick leave and any other perks. The HR director also maintains records of employees, with regard to conduct, productivity, efficiency, punctuality and absenteeism, to evaluate their eligibility for future benefits. The compensation packages and work environment are designed to retain the best talents.


Leadership abilities and an ability to handle a team of HR professionals are the requisite qualities for the hospital HR director. Within the hospital´s human resources department, the HR director must handle a team of HR workers that includes HR managers, assistant managers, executives and their assistants. The assistants and executives handle time keeping, pay roll maintenance, deal with various service providers and help in recruitment processes.

Interpersonal Skills

A hospital HR director must communicate and negotiate with different types of employees, in various positions at the hospital --- from brain surgeons, to the building´s janitors. Sometimes a hospital HR director may have to resolve critical issues related to employee unions, discrimination, harassment, negligence and malpractice. The director´s job is to ensure a safe working environment. Communicating with, and managing staff numbering in the thousands in a big hospital, is something an HR director must be good at.


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