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Job Description for a Hospital Accountant

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A hospital accountant handles the financial aspect of a hospital or health care facility. From there, the hospital accountant oversees every area of finance as well as knowledge. There are a few areas that a candidate needs to tackle before obtaining a position as a hospital accountant.


To become a hospital accountant, prospective candidates needs to have a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting or finance, experience in the health care industry, as well as accounting experience.


Hospital accountants need to know the following responsibilities in accounting: preparing financial papers for internal and external vendors, write monthly reports to determine whether the financial information generated are accurate, perform account receivable duties and assist with preparing the hospital’s budget.

Other Responsibilities

Additional responsibilities include creating ledgers and financial analysis reports on selected hospital functions, ensuring that all transactions performed by the hospital are done accurately and efficiently, and prepare financial statements on a monthly basis.


Benefits may vary within companies, but for a hospital accountant, some benefits will include retirement program; medical, vision, and dental insurance; life insurance and a flexible spending account.


Depending on how many years of experience and education background, the salary of a hospital accountant is typically between $35,000 through $40,000 a year, according to