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Pool Technician Job Description

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This is not your summer "pool boy" job. Pool technicians, also known as swimming pool service technicians, often must be certified to ensure they live up to the trust instilled in them by the public. These technicians may have year-round employment servicing indoor pools, spas and hot tubs.

Monitoring Water Quality

Pool technicians are responsible for servicing pools, which primarily consists of treating the pool water. As a pool technician, you will be responsible for testing the pH balance of the water, treating the water with chemicals, and reporting the water quality to your supervisor. Pool technicians may also be required to fix lights, leaks, and pool equipment that are cracked, broken or malfunctioning.

Experience Often Required

Pool technicians should be able to work independently. However, senior pool technicians employed by large establishments may be placed over a team of less experienced pool technicians. Some employers may also desire pool technicians with a background in water treatment, electrical or mechanical maintenance, and heating, ventilation or air-conditioning (HVAC). Keep in mind, however, that many employers may have set guidelines in place for how their pools or spas should be serviced. For these positions, you will likely receive on-the-job training. In general, pool technicians are responsible for ensuring the pool is operating properly and safe for people to use.

Exposure to Chemicals

A pool technician’s work environment can be hazardous because of the chemicals he uses. Pool technicians may be required to handle chemicals such as chlorine, muriatic acid and bromine.


According to Simply Hired, swimming pool and spa service technicians earn an annual salary of $29,000, as of June 2014.

Certification Needed

An advanced degree is not required for a pool technician position. However, vocational training is required. Individuals interested in becoming pool technicians must seek certification as pool operators. To become certified, aspiring pool technicians must complete the necessary training courses to achieve the knowledge to pass an exam. Los Angeles County’s recreational waters program has a swimming pool technician program that offers appropriate training and resources to help with the certification process. There are similar programs offered across the country.


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