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Job Descriptions of Golf Course Positions

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Numerous people are needed to make a golf course successful, whether it’s a private club or public course, a professional tournament or everyday play. That includes individuals who not only maintain the fairways and greens, but those who manage tournaments and work in the pro shop. But no matter the job, the goal of every golf course employee is the same--to help golfers enjoy their time spent there as much as possible.

Golf Pros

Golf pros instruct players at all levels and ages, and of both genders. They teach things like stance, putting and which clubs to use in which situations. They also often manage the pro shop and are responsible for putting together tournaments. All golf pros have had success playing the game, and must be certified to teach it.

Course Workers

Golf course maintenance employees cut and water fairways and greens, sprinkle fertilizer, rake sand bunkers, trim bushes, care for trees and perform a wide array of other tasks. Others may be responsible for cleaning and repairing golf carts. The majority of these positions require little more than a high school diploma and a passion for the job.

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Marketing Managers

Every golf course needs someone to promote it, although jobs for marketing managers vary by course. Some are merely managers of employees, who also handle ad placement and media relations. Others are responsible for marketing alone, working with financial budgets that allow them to create brochures and perhaps even help produce radio and television commercials.


Most golf courses, including all private ones, hire workers known as “caddies” who carry bags for the golfers during play. Caddies place and remove clubs from the bag, and sometimes even recommend which one to use. Most work on tips from the golfer at the end of a round.

Shop Employees

Golf shop workers perform a wide array of tasks, from running a cash register to stocking shelves with equipment to setting up racks of apparel. They also have to make sure a shop is clean and possess strong customer service skills. Like others who work on a golf course, shop employees need to have a basic understanding of the game, making recommendations for purchases to patrons.

Food Servers

Every golf course offers players the chance to relax with food and beverages, making those who serve them of utmost importance. Food and beverage servers must make sure food and drinks are well-prepared and served as ordered--whether they work at a concessions-type window at a public course or as a waiter at a country club.

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