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Pool Maintenance Job Description

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A job in pool maintenance generally requires a person to keep a swimming pool clean, safe and visually appealing. The pool may be privately or publicly owned. It may be located in a residential setting, school, public park, health club or gymnasium. The person who takes care of a pool is commonly called a pool maintenance technician.

Skill Requirements

Proficiency in safely handling hazardous materials is needed to adequately perform this job. Harmful bacteria that prosper in a pool environment have to be controlled by regular and carefully measured amounts of purifying chemicals being mixed into the pool water. The pool maintenance technician has to have good record keeping skills to maintain logs of the pool treatment procedures. Math skills are needed to accurately measure chemicals. Manual dexterity is required to operate maintenance tools that remove leaves and debris from the pool.

Job Duties

Keeping the pool clean and up to safety standards is the main job of a pool maintenance technician. He is required to inspect the pool on a daily basis and follow the proper procedures for cleaning and sanitizing it. Maintaining appropriate supply levels of chemicals and cleaning agents is part of a pool maintenance technician’s job. If persistent or unusual adverse conditions are noted, he is expected to report them to his superior and follow directions to correct them. Part of this job requires physically inspecting the interior of the pool along with valves and drains to ensure they are free of debris and properly functioning. Keeping safety equipment inspections up to date and inspecting decks and diving boards for defects are also regularly required for this job.

Work Conditions

This job may be performed inside or outside as many pools, especially at hotels, gyms or fitness centers, are enclosed. Casual attire that is resistant to water or chemical solutions is required. Hours are often irregular to accommodate the schedules of swimmers and frequently include early morning and evening work. Maintaining outdoor pools requires a pool maintenance technician to work in all types of weather. This position requires the ability to bend and stretch to reach all areas of the pool.

Educational Requirements

There are no educational requirements for this position although most employers prefer applicants to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Some regions require a government-issued pool maintenance license for this job. Other requirements that vary by state and jurisdiction are possessing a valid driver’s license, having CPR and first aid certification, and passing a tuberculosis test and fingerprint background check.

Salary and Advancement Opportunities

Opportunities to advance into general maintenance positions are available at some schools, colleges, universities and gyms. Smaller organizations typically offer no chances for promotion. Based on information provided at, the annual salary range for a pool maintenance technician in the United States in June 2010 was $25,461 to $40,565.


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