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Job Description of a Service Advisor

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While no one likes taking his car in for repairs, the experience can be made more pleasant by an encounter with a friendly service advisor. These employees often work in car dealerships to assist customers with their automotive repair and maintenance decisions.


Service advisors greet the customer as they arrive in the maintenance area and talk with her to find out what services she wants or what problems she is experiencing with her vehicle. They may also answer incoming phone calls and schedule service appointments in advance.

When problems are diagnosed, the advisor calls the customer to let her know how much the work will cost and get approval to proceed with the repairs. Advisors monitor the repair work to make sure the vehicle will be ready when promised and contact the customer if delays are expected. Advisors document repairs in the company’s computer system and inspect the repairs before the customer returns. They may also take the customer’s payment when she comes to pick up her vehicle.

Dealerships may expect advisors to boost the company’s sales by recommending optional services and accessories to clients.

Work Traits and Knowledge

Employers want service advisors to be organized. Since they oversee the repairs of several cars at once, service advisors must be comfortable handling multiple priorities. They should have technical expertise in the models of cars the company services and/or be willing to participating in training about the company’s product lines. Service advisors are expected to be familiar with local, state and federal regulations that apply to automobile repairs.

Interpersonal Skills

Because they are the “face” of the company to its customers, service advisors must have great communication skills and a high energy level. They also need the ability to exercise patience with customers.

Education and Experience

Employers expect a service advisor to have a high school diploma. They may also want the advisor to have previous experience that includes the brand of cars sold by the dealership. Advisors should know how to use a computer.

Compensation and Schedule

A service advisor may make between $35,000 and $75,000 annually as of 2010; salary may be paid on a commission basis. Positions are often full-time.


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