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How to Become a Service Writer for Harley-Davidson

If you have a love for the Harley-Davidson product and possess the ability to convey information between a customer and a technician, as well as understand the mechanics of a motorcycle, you might consider a career as a service writer with Harley-Davidson. Service writers, also known as service advisers, play an important role in the Harley-Davidson repair and maintenance process. Although there are no formal education requirements for a service writer job, Harley-Davidson does make some recommendations before applying at a dealership.

Obtain core skills. Core skills include basic business writing, communications and customer service skills. Service writers should have at least a high school education (or the equivalent) and be comfortable using a computer. Community colleges and continuing education departments at most universities offer courses in business writing and computer use.

Work in the automotive and motorcycle repair industry. Entry level jobs such as administrative clerk, errand runner or mechanics assistant can provide a basic understanding of motorcycles, the repair business and customer needs. Some dealerships may require previous service adviser work experience.

Got to work for a Harley dealership in any position you qualify for. Harley-Davidson offers its own courses in technical, business and leadership training to anyone employed by an authorized dealer. Visit the Harley-Davidson website to locate a dealer near you to inquire about open job positions.

Get the right technical training. Harley-Davidson partners with colleges that provide technical training specific to the Harley-Davidson product. Programs include diploma, associate's and bachelor's degrees that utilize Harley-Davidson diagnostic tools and motorcycles. Academic requirements may include training in technical writing, quantitative reasoning and communication. Participating colleges are Fort Scott College, Pittsburgh State University, Central Carolina Community College and Lake Washington Technical College.

Attend Universal Technical Institute (UTI). UTI's Motorcycle Mechanics Institute includes several Harley-Davidson electives designed to train students on repair and maintenance of both early and late model Harley's. The Harley-Davidson electives contain information about management techniques and provide students with customer service skills. Harley-Davidson electives are available at the Orlando, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona campuses and are supported by Harley-Davidson.


Service writers are hired through Harley-Davidson dealerships and not through the corporate offices of Harley-Davidson.


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