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List of Automotive Careers

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The automotive industry comprises companies involved in the design, manufacture and selling of motor vehicles. If you love cars and possess strong technical skills, the auto industry has plenty of career options for you. Depending on your professional qualifications, you can pursue a career in a range of areas, including motor vehicle manufacturing, motor vehicle sales and auto repair and maintenance.

Designing Vehicles

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Automotive engineers work for motor vehicle manufacturers. They design and oversee the development of various passenger, commercial and off-highway vehicles. To become an automotive engineer, earn a bachelor's degree in automotive engineering. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, all mechanical engineers, including automotive engineers, had a mean annual wage of $85,930 in 2013.

Maintaining Cars

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Automotive service technicians commonly work in repair garages where they inspect, maintain and repair all kinds of motor vehicles. They detect mechanical problems using computerized diagnostic equipment and perform appropriate repairs. To become an automotive service tech, you need to complete a post-secondary course in automotive service technology. Automotive service technicians had a mean annual wage of $39,450 in 2013, the BLS reports.

Selling Cars

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Working as an automobile salesperson in a car dealership, your job would be to identify the motoring needs of prospective car buyers and sell them automobiles. Although you can become a car salesperson with a high school diploma, a business degree improves your competence and desirability to employers. The BLS reports that retail salespeople working in the automotive industry earned an average salary of $44,150 in 2013.


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