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What Is the Meaning of Comprehensive Resume?

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A comprehensive resume is a combination of the two main types of resume, the chronological resume and the functional resume. A comprehensive resume highlights your functions, skills and experiences in a clear chronology and is ideal for anyone looking for a career change. It will have several required components.

Personal Details

Name, address and best contact information should be put at the top of the resume, cell phone and email in particular. You should also include your name and phone number and/or email address on the top of any additional pages of your resume if it is longer than one page.

Work History, Skills and Achievements

Your work history should be organized in a chronological manner so far as is possible. Since this is a comprehensive resume, you will also match your function and skills set to each position you were employed in.

For example, if you were working as a customer service representative, you would highlight your key skills in that particular position, such as assisting members of the public with their inquiries, problem-solving, ability to adapt to changing circumstances, and so on.

Also note down any significant achievements in that position, such as "able to cut down on customer returns by over 50%, for increased profits of $100 million."

It is generally suggested that you do not need to list work history positions longer than 10 years previously; however, if you are trying to re-enter a particular field after some time away from it, you would want to provide full details.

Education, Professional Qualifications and Licenses

List your degrees, the institution you received it from, and any honors or other awards you received. If you did not receive a degree, but do hold other professional qualifications or certifications or required licenses, note them down. You don't have to list everything you have ever done if you do not feel it is relevant to the position you are seeking, but it is good to demonstrate a pattern of past achievement.

Software and Other Skills

Mention any computer programs you are proficient in. You can also mention specific skills you did not already highlight in relation to your past employment. This might be of particular importance on your comprehensive resume if you are looking for a change of careers. For instance, writing might have been a vital though not obvious part of your previous marketing experience, or you may be a blogger in your spare time.

Organizing may not have been a large part of your previous positions, but might play a key role in your charity work with a local animal shelter.

Summary And Objective Statements

These go at the start of the resume to try to capture the essence of what you have to offer the employer. Try to grab their attention here with a clear, concise but unique way of describing your abilities.


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