Pros and Cons of Selling Avon

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Avon, formed in 1886, has a rich history of empowering women around the world to create their own future doing something they love. If you are thinking about becoming an Avon representative, you will want to understand what type of journey you are embarking on. As with any career or business venture, selling Avon products has its pros and cons.

Flexibility and Independence

One of the most enticing things about becoming an Avon representative is that you have the flexibility to continue with your day-to-day activities without interruption. This means that the stay-at-home mom can make money while still at home, or the career woman can earn extra money and build a business without leaving her existing job. While you have complete flexibility, you need to understand that being an Avon representative means being an Avon distributor. You're not an Avon employee; you have your own business and are responsible for that business's success, however large or small you hope it will be.

Team Leader Support

Most Avon representatives have never owned their own business prior to starting an Avon campaign. As a new representative you will have a team leader to guide you and help you build your business. The dynamic between you and your team leader will greatly influence your success. A team leader who is pushing you to grow faster than you want to may not be the right fit for you and may lead to ultimate failure. Conversely, a team leader who isn't available can make you feel like you are left out in the dark trying to figure things out. This can lead to customer service problems, payment issues and other potential business problems that can also lead to failure. A good team leader will understand your goals and avoid imposing her own goals on you. She will help you work toward your goals by establishing a realistic plan of action.

Earning Potential

While some people scoff at the notion of selling any product via network marketing, many women are making six-figure incomes by selling Avon. Commissions start after selling a small stock of product. Once you have established yourself, you will receive commissions anywhere from 15 percent to 35 percent, depending on sales quotas and bonuses. You can spend just a few hours a week and sell a few hundred dollars' worth of products. Over time you will have residual customers and can increase your marketing efforts to new consumers. As you add more customers and deliver great service, you can make your Avon business a full-time job that will make you more than many other careers.

Corporate Support

There will be times you need to contact Avon customer support to deal with an issue. This may be a problem with a product or a specific order, or a question about out-of-stock items. Whatever the issue, when you call customer support you are at the mercy of the person who picks up your call. Some customer service representatives are far more helpful and knowledgeable than others. If you are in a bind, call back or talk to your team leader about what to do.


Those who use Avon love the product line. As a representative you may find that while the product line is superb, with high-quality products, certain items go out of stock frequently. Trying to get products that are in high demand during busy holiday seasons may frustrate you and cost you orders and customers.

Dealing with returns is simple and straightforward, as the company has a good handle on how to safely ship items and offer you a credit for returns. You have 28 days to return items, so be sure to inspect your shipment upon receipt.

The Sale

Everyone has a different sales technique. Many feel uncomfortable being "salespeople." You don't have to be with Avon. Use your personality and use your business as an opportunity to make more friends. You can share your products with people. Using them yourself can be the greatest testimonial or advertisement there is.


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