Part-Time Jobs for Teenagers

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

A teenager is traditionally defined as someone between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. During adolescence people seek to define who they are and who they would like to become. Most teens will eventually enter the workforce in some fashion to support themselves and a loved one. A part-time job can be an ideal way for a teen to explore the world of work.

Deliver Newspapers

Work as a paper delivery boy. Many cities and towns have a daily newspaper. The paper usually offers daily delivery service so that people can read the newspaper in the early morning on their way to work. Newspapers hire people to deliver the newspaper each morning. A paperboy is assigned a specific route where subscribers live. He goes to the paper’s printing plant, picks up the day’s copies and places them on people’s front lawns. A newspaper delivery route can be an excellent part-time job for a teen who is an early bird by nature.


Become a babysitter. Babysitters watch small children and infants while their parents are away for a short period of time. Working as a babysitter can teach an adolescent patience as well as how to be calm in case of an emergency. Any potential babysitter should ideally take a course in CPR and first aid. Many such courses are available for a small fee at a local hospital or Red Cross. Teens should set a rate of hourly pay and agree to a specific time when parents will return.

Walk Dogs

Start a dog walking business. Many dogs must be walked at least once a day in order to maintain their optimum health. A dog owner may not have time to walk a dog or prefer to hire someone else to do it. Teens can advertise their services to parents and place ads in local community centers. Dog walking hours can be very flexible so this job can fit in well with full-time schooling.

Retail Store Employment

Work in retail stores. Many retailers look to hire people for part-time jobs. Retailers seek people to stock shelves, man cash registers and assist customers in finding items. Most retail stores do not require employees to have a high school diploma or experience in the retail field. A job in a local store can teach teens how to work with the public and deal directly with a boss.

Yard Work

Start a yard work business. Many suburban homeowners have lawns. They may not have time to maintain their lawns. Front yards must be mowed. Trees must be cleared from property after they fall. Maintaining a backyard and front yard can be both time consuming and hard physical labor. A teen can approach neighbors about mowing laws or raking leaves for them. Work like this can be done on a part-time basis when the teen is not in school.