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High Paying & Stress Free Careers

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Most high paying careers are considered high stress careers. Occasionally a career path can cause so much stress that the financial reward is not worth the mental strain. Many careers, however, are considered to be both high paying and stress free. Career stress often comes from a number of places. Long commutes, obnoxious bosses, career instability and extended work weeks are among the leading causes of such career stress. Some career paths, however, are free of many of these common stress inducing problems.


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Geographers hold careers in a plethora of environments. Many geographers work as educators at the college level while others work for governments of different levels. Since there are relatively few geographers, job security is high for a geographer. Most geographers also work fairly independently. There is typically no boss micromanaging every action of the geographer. As far as high paying and stress free careers go, geographers seem to have it all.

Average Annual Income: $63,000

Pastry Chef

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Pastry chefs are an essential part of any high-end kitchen. The pastry chef is responsible for creating all the fancy baked goods and desserts that are found at four-star restaurants and casinos. While restaurant work is often stressful, the career of the pastry chef is high paying and stress free. Most pastry chefs begin work before sunrise. This makes for an easy commute. Once the pastry chef arrives at work there are seldom other chefs in the kitchen so the pastry chef is free to do what is needed without the chef or sous chef breathing down his neck. The pastry chef is also allowed to take creative license in his cuisine, which can reduce stress and increase career satisfaction.

Average Annual Income: $65,000


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Mathematicians work in a variety of fields. They work with engineers, in medicine, in science fields or in any field where large math equations are solved daily. Some mathematicians work in theory and others in absolutes; however, most mathematicians are considered to have high paying and stress free careers. Since most mathematicians work either alone or with a group of peers, there is seldom the stress of an obnoxious boss. That mixed with high job security and normal 40-hour work weeks ensures happy mathematicians all around.

Average Annual Income: $87,000

Massage Therapist

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Massage therapists are in high paying and stress free careers. Since many massage therapists are self employed they are able to commute to work on their own terms and never worry about a boss or extended work weeks. Therapists working for spas, hospitals and hotels are also free from the pressures of a boss since the only concern of a massage therapist is a happy customer. Very few customers will be in a mood to complain after a nice massage. Combine these stress free factors with a little mood lighting, aromatherapy candles and soothing music for the ultimate stress free career.

Average Annual Income: $56,000

Civil Engineer

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A civil engineer designs and plans a variety of features like bridges, roads and sea ports. While the career of a civil engineer sounds quite stressful it is surprisingly stress free. Civil engineers work independently or with a group of peers. The job security is great and few work weeks extend past 40 hours. To top it off, the career is very rewarding. When a civil engineer drives a road she designed she can experience great pride and a feeling of importance.

Average Annual Income: $68,000


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Astronomers have one of the highest paying and stress free careers in science. Astronomers typically work in small groups of peers to analyze the workings of the universe. While the task at hand is great, the career is fairly stress free. Astronomers' careers avoid many of the common stress-inducing pitfalls that other careers are victim of. The work weeks are often the normal 40 hours and the commute is seldom made at rush hour. It does not hurt the stress levels to view a few of the most magnificent sites in the universe for a living, either.

Average Annual Income: $104,000