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The Best Careers for Starting Over After 55

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Today, 40 percent of Americans older than 55 are still working. In the past decade, they have accounted for most of the workforce growth, and they plan to work far into the future. If you’re older than 55 and looking for your best career, start with the skills you already possess and the job you know best. You’ll also want to look for the industries with the most job growth that might be looking for someone just like you.


Regardless of your past career, you can create a new one by sharing your knowledge as a consultant. Consultants work across industries and can find work independently or go to work for consultant firms. Among the many industries that rely heavily on consultants are business, construction, energy and environment, finance, health care, insurance and real estate. If you have knowledge in a particular industry, your expertise could make you an expert consultant.

Health Care Worker

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Health care is a multitrillion dollar industry that is expected to grow. An aging population, the prevalence of chronic but treatable, illnesses, and the Affordable Care Act will cause careers in health care to expand through 2030. While some health care careers require advanced training, many only require certification such as nurses' aides, medical assistants and medical administration workers.


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You have a wealth of knowledge. Are you ready to share it? If you’re over 55, you can start a new career by teaching those who might be just starting out. Many schools and colleges welcome men and women who have real world experience. They know that the life lessons you could offer trump most anything that students could find in a book. Professional teachers and tutors in business, math, engineering, marketing and more, can provide invaluable examples of what it’s like to pursue a career in the field the students have chosen to pursue.

Content Writer

Another way for you to spread your knowledge is by writing about what you know. Content writers offer their expertise on a wide range of topics. If you’re an expert in marketing, you can write about marketing. If you have mastered computer programming, content writing gives you the chance to explain how you found career success. If your off hours involved fly fishing, gardening or stamp collecting, you can write about the topics that have always been your passion but may have taken a backseat to your career. Earn money sharing what you’ve always loved.


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