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Writing Careers That Make Money

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

You don’t have to be a best-selling author to enjoy a writing career that makes money. There are many ways to flex your writing muscles. You need decent writing skills, a willingness to learn, the determination to succeed and clarity on your writing style and career preferences. Do you want to freelance, telecommute or go to an office every day? Knowing this helps you match work preferences with writing style. Career choices include copy writing, technical writing, resume writing, web writing and self-publishing. The median annual salary for writers in general is $55,420, according to government statistics.

Copy Writer

Like most of us, you are accustomed to seeing ads in newspapers, magazines, on websites and even in your mail. Words used to sell products or services in these advertisements are the handiwork of copy writers. Copy writers and the companies or clients who hire them know the value and power of clearly targeted advertisements. As a copy writer, you can work for marketing and advertising agencies or independently. Earning potential increases with education and experience.

Technical Writer

Technical writing is sometimes referred to as corporate or business writing. It encompasses a lot of different documents that companies need for their businesses, including instruction manuals, annual reports, and newsletters. Technical writers work directly with subject matter experts to craft the documents needed by the company. Many projects are long term and can take months to complete. Technical writers can earn a median annual salary of $63,280, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Resume Writer

Just about everyone will need a resume at some point during their educational and career journey. Resumes provide a snapshot of who you are professionally and showcases your best features. Many people find it hard to write about themselves and turn to professional resume writers for help. Certified resume writers can command fees of $125 and up for basic to complex resumes. They can even offer higher-cost package deals that include a well-crafted cover letter.

Freelance Web Writer

Many consumers will check a business’s website before making a decision to buy a product or service. More and more companies realize the value of a website to their marketing efforts. However, providing the content for these sites is a major undertaking, especially for employees who have no interest in writing. That’s where freelance writers come in. To get started, research local businesses that already have websites and offer to write or edit content or provide article marketing or blog content. What you earn depends on your marketing efforts and your pricing choices.


Becoming a published author in traditional ways can be difficult. Writing queries, finding an agent and a publisher are daunting tasks for new authors. More and more aspiring authors and novelists are turning to self-publishing for immediate gratification, especially with the emergence of e-book formats and readers. You can write and self-publish a book of any length in a matter of days or weeks, thanks to readily available self-publishing technology. Consumers benefit by having immediate access to your work. Good marketing and promotional techniques are still needed to generate enough books sales for income.