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A List of Jobs That Use Computers

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Technology has a firm hold on the world. As it has advanced, there have been numerous ways for employees to integrate computer use into the workplace. Certain jobs rely on using the computer for the majority of the workday. Others do not rely on it for constant use, such as those who work as police officers or nurses, but they still need it to log information.

Video Game Developer

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People who work as video game developers use computers for the majority of their work. As part of their job, they create and implement video games, but they also test the video games. Computers are used in creating the graphics for the game and in just about every single activity from the beginning to when the game is launched. You need extensive computer knowledge to be able to use a computer as a video game developer.

Desktop Publisher

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Another job that uses computers is desktop publishing. They are responsible for combining printed material, including pictures, charts and numbers to prepare publications. In addition, they do some writing and editing and create the graphics to go along with the text. Desktop publishers produce business cards, books, magazines and newspapers. Most page layout work is now done with computers, and they use computers for just about every facet of their job.


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Secretaries are a fixture of most administrative environments. They work in all fields, including medical and legal. Their duties vary but generally include filing, correspondence, travel plans and data entry. Secretaries spend most of their time in an office and in front of a computer.


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Writers spend much of their time on computers. They may work for magazines, newspapers or television. Many writers begin the writing process by conducting research. That is commonly done using a computer and the Internet. Computers, specifically word processing programs, are used for actually writing the material.

Human Resources Assistant

Human resources assistants use computers to manage a lot of data that involves employees and their benefits. They must be familiar with using a computer to enter and maintain that data. The records include employee information such as job title, pay, name, address, phone numbers and benefit information. They also often run reports for their managers. Human resources assistants also recruit candidates for positions, often using the Internet on the computer to do so.