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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job in the Fitness Industry

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Jobs in the fitness industry range from nutritionist to personal trainer or gym owner. Despite the broad array of job titles, results are the most important indicator of job success. An effective cover letter for a job in the fitness industry should focus on the applicant's successes as well as be properly formatted and have the right approach for the audience.

Information to Include

A cover letter for a job in the fitness industry should be concise and fit on one page; you will not have room to discuss everything on your resume. Focus on your key qualifications, such as the most important aspects of your education and work experiences. Highlight the results of your work, such as how many pounds, on average, your clients have lost. Then, be sure to explain how these experiences and successes make you highly qualified for the position.

Approaching the Audience

The cover letter is a persuasive document -- you are selling your experiences to the hiring manager. You must demonstrate that you possess what the company needs. In each paragraph, explain how the company could benefit from the experiences in the fitness industry you just described. Do not include any irrelevant details that could distract the reader. Finally, make sure that your tone is positive and avoid including any negative information.

Formatting the Letter

While content is the most critical aspect of your letter, formatting is also important; it creates a first impression that can influence the hiring manager's decision to interview you. Follow the standard business letter format. All text should be left-justified and single spaced. Include a 1-inch margin all around. The paragraphs should be in block format with no indents. Instead, insert a space in between paragraphs.

Double Check

Before you send the letter, read it over carefully. Make sure the information shows you in the best possible light. Although fitness experts do not typically do a lot of writing on the job, your cover letter must be grammatically perfect with no spelling errors. These errors may lead the hiring manager to believe that you do not have the necessary professional work habits and attention to detail.