What Jobs Can I Get With a Bachelor's in Health Care Management?

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Although many in the health-care management field get master's or doctorate degrees, there are still some jobs to be had if you have a bachelor's degree. If you want to advance in the field, you may need to continue your educational pursuits. However, some entry-level jobs are available.

Entry-Level Management Jobs

One of the jobs that you could get with a bachelor's degree in health care management is an entry-level management job such as a department manager. In large medical facilities, they break everything down by departments. Each department has its own manager in charge of overseeing employees and running the administrative side of things. For example, you can apply to manage the finance department. This is considered an entry-level management position in some facilities.

Administrative Jobs

Although you may not be able to get a job at a large facility with a bachelor's degree, some smaller hospitals hire administrators with this type of degree. As a hospital administrator, you will set policies, oversee employees and manage other department managers. The job of a hospital administrator provides solid compensation and benefits and it can also be extremely challenging. If you only have a bachelor's degree, you may need some other qualifications to land the job as these positions can be very competitive.

Technology Jobs

Some technology jobs can also be obtained with this type of degree. For example, you could pursue a job as a health information manager. A health information manager is in charge of overseeing the flow of medical records and information. They implement systems and procedures that deal with medical coding and billing. They are also in charge of the security of the information.


While there are many jobs you can get some with this type of degree, you may be better served to continue studying while you are working. By taking the additional classes that are required for your master's degree, you could qualify for an administrative job at a much larger facility. This will provide you with an increase in pay, better benefits and more options for employment. If you go to school full time, you could complete this additional education in two years or less.