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What Is the Starting Salary for an Elementary School Teacher in Georgia?

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In Georgia, entry-level teacher salaries are based on levels of certification. These levels are based on the degree held by the teacher. The Georgia Board of Education has established pay rates for each level based on tenure, ensuring teachers earn raises based on experience. The levels are listed as T-1 through T-7 with no level T-3. The T represents teacher and the number is the certification level held.


Those working in a teaching environment without a college education are certified as a T-1. This typically includes paraprofessionals, teacher aids and other support staff. The starting salary in 2011 for a T-1 certified entry-level teacher was $31,586.


A T-2 certified teacher has completed an associate's degree, 54 semester hours of college level credits, a certification program at a technical school with at least 2,000 hours or 27 semester hours at a university and 1,000 hours completed at a technical school. The entry-level salary for a T-2 teacher in Georgia in 2011 was $32,505.


A T-4 certified teacher must earn a bachelor's degree prior to taking the licensing exam. Teachers with a T-4 certification in 2011 earned a salary of $33,424.


To qualify for a T-5 certification, you must complete a master's degree in a field related to the subject you teach. T-5 level teachers had an entry-level annual salary of $38,438 in 2011.


T-6 teacher certification requires the completion of an education specialist degree and all aspects of a doctoral degree, with the exception of the dissertation. An entry-level T-6 teacher earned $43,435 in 2011.


The highest level of certification in Georgia is a T-7. For a teacher to qualify for a T-7 teaching certification, a Ph.D. or Ed.D. degree must be earned. Entry-level salary for a T-7 teacher in 2011 was $48,213.00.