What Is the Basic Pay for a Master Sergeant With 21 Years of Service?

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Master sergeants serve a valuable purpose in the Armed Forces. Their responsibilities range from technical experts to unit advisors. The Army, Marine Corps and Air Force utilize Master Sergeant rankings. All branches of the military share the same basic pay scale based on rank and service. For example, an E-8 Army Master Sergeant with 21 years of service receives the same pay as an E-8 Marine Corp Master Sergeant with 21 years of service.

Army Master Sergeant

Army Master Sergeants, also referred to as MSGs, serve as the primary noncommissioned officers in the battalion or higher. Although they do not possess all the battalion responsibilities of a Sergeant First Class, the Army expects them to perform with the same level of professional standards. MSGs must serve a minimum of eight years before promotion to E-9. They receive pay on an E-8 pay scale. As of May 2011, MSGs with 21 years of service receive basic pay in the amount of $4,691.70 per month.

Marine Corp Master Sergeant

A Marine Corps Master Sergeant or MSgt performs as a technical highly skilled professional within a military occupational specialty or MOS. Marine Corps MSgts possess a high level of professionalism, leadership and supervisory performance skills. A Marine Corps MSgt with 21 years of service earns $4,691.70 per month on an E-8 pay scale as of May 2011.

Air Force Master and Senior Master Sergeants

Master Sergeants or MSgt in the Air Force are highly skilled craftsmen with higher leadership positions who receive pay on an E-7 pay scale. An MSgt with 21 years of service earns $4189.20 per month. Senior Master Sergeants or SMSgts function as managers within the Air Force and receive pay on an E-8 pay scale. A SMSgt with 21 years of service earns $4,691.70 per month, as of May 2011.

Chief Master Sergeants

Chief Master Sergeants or CMSgts are the highest-ranking enlisted members aside from the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force. CMSgts rank as E-9s, but this special rank receives special pay. As of May 2011, CMSgts earn a basic pay rate of $5,436.60 per month. It typically takes a service member 22 years to advance to the rank of CMSgt.

Command Chief Master Sergeants

Command Chief Master Sergeants or CCMs advise Air Force units and base commanders on all matters that affect the implementation of the commands mission and operations. This includes readiness, training, deployment and service member morale. CCMs receive pay on an E-9 pay scale. CCMs with 21 years of service receive a base salary of $5,436.60 per month, as of May 2011.

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force ranks above all noncommissioned officers in the Air Force. The CMSAF directs the activities and represents the best interest of all enlisted Air Force service members. The CMSAF serves as one of the primary advisors to the Air Force Chief of Staff and Secretary of the Air Force on welfare, readiness, moral and deployments issues that affect the Air Force military force. As of May 2011, Chief Master Sergeants of the Air Force receive $7,489.80 per month.


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