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Which Jobs Require Leadership Skills?

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Developing strong leaderships skills can be a smart career decision. For many men and women, these skills can be turned into assets that are used to secure certain types of employment. In almost any career field or industry, there will be jobs that require the ability to lead others and to inspire them with motivational, team-building exercises.


Swaying the public is easier when you have leadership skills that will help you come across as confident, decisive, and organized. Politicians, whether elected or aspiring, must create platforms. These platforms outline their plans for a municipality, state, or country. In order to push these agendae through, politicians must be able to lead a team of underlings, who will oversee the details of implementing the nuts and bolts of the program. Without the ability to lead, voters and staff will lose faith in the platform and the politician.


In order to hold a position of higher responsibility in the military, a person must prove their leadership skills on a daily basis. The military has a very strict hierarchy system where rank is enforced and respected. When in a leadership position in the military, an employee must supervise other people who may even be risking their lives to secure territory, perform secret missions, or defeat the enemy. An army general will be at a very high level of responsibility, and he will need to demonstrate the most powerful forms of leadership skills, including fairness, motivational abilities, and the capacity to make quick, often difficult decisions that affect the lower ranks.


Every company has a pyramidal structure where those closer to the top of the pyramid will need leadership skills to succeed. From retail outlet managers to company CEOs, the role of administration is to oversee processes and delivery, to monitor job performance of other staff, and to keep employees working for the overall good of the company. Sometimes, corporate managers and administrators hone their leadership skills through seminars, team-building exercises, and meetings that allow managers to share their stories and tips.


Coaching at any level, whether it is Little League or Major League baseball, will require strong leadership skills. Guiding a team to victory and keeping them motivated in the face of defeat can be quite challenging. A coach is expected to demonstrate the highest forms of good sportsmanship, fairness, and enthusiasm. For many coaches, public speaking skills, drive, and determination help to develop leadership skills and produce a successful team.


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