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Job Description of a Media Executive

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A media executive oversees the operational and management of of a media company in either radio, publishing, TV, film or music. She possesses leadership skills and has a strong sense of brand and marketing capabilities. Media executives wield a lot of control and influence, although usually with the approval of a board of directors, and direct the company's future operations.


The main attribute of a media executive is leadership ability. Media executives are leaders in one or many fields within the media industries. Like many senior leaders within any company, they exert control and influence over the operation and direction of the company. The media executive must command authority and respect and be able to delegate management and operational tasks to team members.


Media executives must be flexible; they have excellent interpersonal skills and collaboration skills. Because the nature of the job requires media executives to deal with a variety of people, from employees, customers, shareholders and more, the ability to be flexible and adapt to the environment is crucial. Instilling good teamwork and team-building efforts with staff and pleasing shareholders who have invested in the company is important and involves wearing different hats on a given day.


Strategy and negotiation skills are a must for media executives. Media executives must be able to recognize opportunities where the company can grow and flourish, whether through mergers, acquisitions and other strategic alliances. Negotiation skills are also important in persuading the board of directors and shareholders of what is in the best interest of the company.


A strong sense of brand and excellent marketing skills makes the media executive. Media executives are expected to have an acute understanding of their target audiences and how to cater to them. The ability to engage and captivate target audiences is one of the media executive's main goals, if not, the main goal. Media executives must be able to identify and select strong members of the marketing team with adept research skills to help maintain and nurture the brand through innovation, while at the same time staying true to it.


Many educational institutions are seeing the benefit in hosting media executive internships, seminar and other training programs to help foster leaders for the media’s industries, although the best training comes from spending years working within the industry and climbing the ladder.


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