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What is an Apprentice Technician?

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An apprentice technician is an employee of a company who is a member of an official training program. The graduation requirements for apprenticeship programs vary depending on the vocation involved.

Classroom Training

Apprentice technicians are normally enrolled in classroom training. Many apprenticeship programs have a set number of hours that the technician must be enrolled in classes to complete the program. The required number of hours vary depending on the vocation or applicable government apprenticeship programs.

On-the-Job Training

Apprentice technicians supplement classroom training with on-the-job training. Companies hire employees as apprentices. Apprentices work with someone who has completed an apprenticeship program, also called a journeyman. Each vocation has a set number of hours that an apprentice must work with a journeyman before completing the program.

Government Regulation

The U.S. Department of Labor and state governments have established apprenticeship programs that mandate the number of hours of classroom and on-site training an apprentice must complete. The regulations also establish apprentice-to-journeyman ratios on public construction sites.


Many unions and other labor groups have established apprenticeship programs. Apprentice technicians in these programs are governed by the applicable collective bargaining agreements.