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What Are the Average Salaries for an Independent Carpet Cleaner?

Independent carpet cleaners run their own businesses. They often act as sole proprietors, vacuuming and shampooing carpets for residential and business customers. They also sell their services through newspaper ads, personal contacts and from referrals. These professionals must also collect payments from customers and keep records of sales and expenses. Some independent carpet cleaners may hire employees to clean customers' carpets as they work on acquiring new business. They usually pay their own salaries from their company profits.

Average Salary and Benefits

Independent carpet cleaners earned average salaries of $22,000 annually, according to 2011 data from Indeed. Their salaries are usually based on the size of their companies, industry experience and the geographical areas in which they run their businesses. These workers pay for their own health benefits, such as life and medical insurance and retirement plans.

Average Salary by State

Cleaners' salaries vary somewhat by state. For example, they earned some of their highest salaries in Massachusetts, among the states listed, at $25,000 per year, according to Indeed. They also earned salaries above the national average in Connecticut at $24,000 annually. Those in Georgia earned average annual salaries of $23,000. Independent carpet cleaners earned $21,000 per year in Texas and Ohio. And those in Colorado earned only $19,000 per year.

Salaries by City

Independent carpet cleaners' salaries are also higher in certain cities than others. They earned some of the highest salaries in New York City, among the cities listed, at $27,000 per year, according to Indeed. They also earned $27,000 annually in San Francisco. Those in Chicago and Los Angeles earned average annual salaries of $23,000. These business owners earned somewhat less than the national average in Nashville at $19,000 per year. And these entrepreneurs earned annual salaries of only $15,000 in Milwaukee.

Education, Qualifications and Skills

It does not take any special educational requirements to be an independent carpet cleaner. However, a high school education is beneficial because these business owners need basic math skills to keep track of revenue and expenses. They must also have communication skills to convince people to use their services. Independent carpet cleaners must also be in excellent physical shape, as they often spend many hours on their feet.