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The Average Salary of Lumber Outside Sales

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Lumber outside sales reps work for lumber manufacturers and wholesalers. They sell lumber and other ancillary products to building contractors and construction companies. Their primary responsibilities include calling on prospects, presenting their products and prices and closing sales. Subsequently, they complete customers' order forms and report daily and weekly sales to their sales manager. These sales professionals must fully understand the construction process and know how to read blueprints. They usually earn annual salaries.

Average Salary and Benefits

Lumber outside sales reps earned average annual salaries of $43,000, according to July 2011 data from Indeed. Their salaries are often based on their experience, the size of their companies and the areas in which they work. These sales professionals can earn commissions and bonuses on top of salaries by meeting or exceeding sales quotas. They receive benefits such as medical, dental, life and disability insurance, paid vacations and retirement savings plans like 401(k) accounts.

Salary by State

Lumber outside sales reps' salaries vary somewhat among states. For example, those in Washington, DC earned the highest annual salaries among those listed, at $48,000, according to Indeed. Those in Connecticut also earned relatively high salaries at $46,000 annually. Virginia reps working in this industry earned average salaries of $43,000 per year. Those in Kansas and Pennsylvania earned slightly less than average salaries at $40,000 and $39,000 per year, respectively. Indeed usually rounds salaries up or down to the nearest $1,000.

Highest-Paying Cities

Lumber outside sales reps typically earn higher salaries on the east and west coasts, where costs of living are typically higher. However, lumber companies in areas with plentiful forests can also offer relatively high salaries. For example, these sales professionals earned the highest annual salaries in Boston and Jackson, Mississippi, a state and area with abundant forests, according to "Mississippi History Now." Boston and Jackson annual salaries were each $53,000 per year, according to Indeed. Lumber outside sales reps also earned fairly high salaries in San Francisco at $53,000 per year.

Job Outlook

Jobs for lumber outside sales reps are usually tied to the construction industry. Jobs in construction industry are expected to grow by 19 percent between 2008 and 2018, according to December 2009 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Both commercial and residential construction will drive sales and job opportunities in this industry. Jobs for sales reps, including those selling lumber, are expected to increase by 7 percent over the same 10-year period. Some lumber companies will sell their products through manufacturer's reps or agents that handle products for multiple companies; this seems to be the projected trend for the sales industry in general.