Quick Way to Get Your Unemployment Checks

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If you're recently unemployed, tight money situations might have you under a lot of stress. If you haven't already filed for unemployment benefits, you should know that this benefit can give you money helpful for squeaking by while you search for a new job. Because of modern technology some states are using, unemployment benefits are coming faster than they used to, but be aware that an overloaded system might result in some delays, no matter what you do.

Be Prepared

The best way to ensure that you get your unemployment benefits check in a timely manner is to be prepared when you apply for benefits. Check with your state's job-security agency. Most have very thorough websites that explain everything you need to apply for benefits. Make sure you have filled out all of your forms completely and that you have included all of the supporting documentation required.

Also consider filing for your unemployment benefits online. Online applications are often processed more quickly and they allow you to avoid the frustration of waiting in long lines at the crowded unemployment office.

Get Funds Electronically

Set up direct deposit. Many states offer direct-deposit programs that will send your benefits check directly to your bank electronically. This ensures your benefits will get to you as quickly as possible, even when the state offices have holidays. Ask a representative at your state's unemployment office or go online to set up direct deposit. Many states have also switched from the typical biweekly paper check to a debit-card system in which funds are placed directly onto a debit card each week. Benefits come quickly and on the same day each week, and people collecting benefits don't have to take a check to the bank or a check cashing store. If you have not been issued a debit card, find out if your state has a debit card option and ask to enroll.

Short-Term Loans

While you cannot speed along government agencies any more than you can make a new company hire you, if you really need cash quickly, you can sometimes get a cash advance on your unemployment checks through a payday loan service, a short-term lender who will give you a small loan based on your paychecks. However, these services are best avoided–the high interest rates on loans will often cost up to 30 percent of the original loan.


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