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Loss Prevention Interview Tips

A career in loss prevention can be very lucrative. It can be an exciting job. Some of your duties include working undercover (in plain clothes) to catch shoplifters and behind the scenes to increase a store's security by installing cameras and a loss prevention plan. The only thing standing in the way of this rewarding career is nailing the interview. With a few tips, you can succeed.

Research the Company

According to, conducting a good interview begins with a little homework: You need to research the company with which you are interviewing. Find out from the company what they look for in their loss prevention specialists. Ask them if they prefer certain qualities over others and if they look for any kind of specific experience. Try to find out what some of their loss prevention techniques are. Basically, you are trying to arm yourself with any information you can gather. In the interview, look for opportunities to show the interviewers that you researched the company and that you know your stuff. This will help you make a good first impression and will transform you into an ideal candidate.

Practice Answers to Common Loss Prevention Questions

Next, prepare yourself for the interview. Expect to answer questions about loss prevention. Various Internet sites have posted sample questions. Check your local career and professional development office, if one is available to you, for more questions.

As an example, has posted loss prevention questions for a few large retailers, including Kohl's and JCPenney. The Kohl's questions include explaining how you would handle an employee stealing merchandise from the company. A corollary to this question would be to ask how you would handle seeing a friend or a family member stealing merchandise. The question involves a bit of moral dilemma: You don't want to rat on your friend, but what he did was wrong. Still, you should answer the question honestly and explain what you would do. One way to answer it, especially if it was a family member, would be to explain that you would take care of it personally if this was the first time and have him return the item. If he repeated the offense, you would report him.

Other questions include explaining why you want to work for that particular company, and here your research should shine. You might need to explain your security background, if any. Basically, as with any interview, answer honestly and succinctly. Be confident. You will do well.


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