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How to Introduce Yourself in an Online Interview

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Whether you play the role of interviewer or interviewee in an online interview, your introduction proves important. Properly introducing yourself not only identifies you to the other person, it helps set the tone for the interview. Good posture, clear speech and eye contact all combine to convey your demeanor and professionalism and make a positive first impression on the other person.

Make sure the room has enough light. Position yourself in front of the camera so that the other participant can see you clearly. Sit up straight and lean in toward the camera to show alertness and interest.

Look into the camera, smile and say "hello," "good morning" or another appropriate greeting. Follow with "my name is (state your name)." Speak slowly and clearly so the other person will understand you. State both your first and last names. Add your title, if applicable.

Follow with a statement about your role in the interview such as, "I am your interviewer today." Or "I am interviewing for the position of (state the job)." Pause and listen for the other person's response.


Be prepared to offer the spelling of your first or last name in the instance that the other party requests it.

Turn on the microphone and ensure proper functioning of equipment before beginning the interview.


Do not chew gum or move papers or other objects around with your hands. Both behaviors prove distracting during online interview introductions.

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