Janitorial Cleaning Tips

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Since a janitor is part of keeping the public healthy and safe, it is important to know how to properly mix chemicals to sanitize the floors but not damage them. Other important skills are correctly using materials and tools, and, in our environmentally conscious world, using "green" chemicals.

Chemicals for Mopping Floors

For mopping floors, it is important to know how to mix your chemicals properly beforehand so that the cleaning mixture is effective and the floor is not damaged. For wooden floors, specific non-acidic chemicals need to be used. For tile or stone floors, acidic chemicals should be used and mixed with water and, depending on what is on the floor or what kind of floor it is, allowed to "dwell" on the floor for a longer than usual period of time before being mopped up. This is especially important for bathrooms, where germs and bacteria are the most prevalent.

Cleaning Cloth

A cleaning cloth, if not many cleaning cloths, are incredibly important for a janitor to have and know how to use properly, since it will be your most important tool on the job. There are three different grades of microfiber cloths---heavy, medium and light---which should be used for different textures, depending on what you are cleaning. The heavier grade should obviously be used on tough stains and grime, the medium used for countertops and sinks, and the light on glass, metal and windows. The cloth should be the right size, so that it can be folded in half twice and still be bigger then your hand. It should also be polyester, as it must withstand many washings.

Green Cleaning

The environmental movement has made its way to janitorial services. The main aspect of this is chemical disposal and cleaning implements. For example, rather then using feather dusters, switch to microfiber dusters, which are not only green but usually better at getting the job done. With different green products, it is important to test them and make sure they work. While something might be sold as green, it might not actually be a helpful product, which doesn't really help anyone.