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Top Ten Free Ways to Make Money Online

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It's hard to tell which opportunities to make money are legitimate and which are just scams. Whether you're looking for a full-time job online or simply want to supplement your income, there are ways you can legitimately earn money online. Here are 10 possibilities.


Companies do pay you to take surveys. These typically ask you questions about your purchasing habits. You'll have to qualify for each survey. For example, some surveys only want to hear from homeowners or respondents with children. When you search for these opportunities online, you'll often find that people want you to pay. In these cases, you are not paying to to take the surveys, you are paying for a list of companies that offer surveys. Purchasing this list can be a time-saver, but you can also look for the companies on your own.


Sign up as a tutor over the Web. Your job could be something as simple as answering e-mailed questions, or it could be a face-to-face meeting through a Web cam. If you're interested in this type of work, sign up through a reputable company that will match you with students.

Call centers

Companies also hire call center workers to work from their home. If you want to become a customer service representative, you must be able to schedule yourself for a specific time period each week. Some call center jobs may require you to purchase equipment.


Bloggers make money through advertisements on their sites. You can easily set up a blog on a free blogging platform, such as Choose a topic for your blog and make regular posts. Make money by putting affiliate ads on your blog. When someone makes a purchase through the link on your site, you get a commission. If your Web site has more than a thousand visitors per month, you may be able to charge a monthly fee for advertising.

Bum marketing

Bum marketing is so named because it's "so easy a bum could do it." It's similar to blogging, but instead of creating one main site, you create several mini sites on a particular topic. You then write articles based on the topic and submit them for publication on Web sites.


You can also make money online free by writing articles for Web sites. Many companies will pay you for content. For the best jobs, learn to write search engine optimized (SEO) articles. These include keywords people are searching for.


If you're fluent in more than one language, work online as a translator. Sign up with a company that matches people with companies that need translation. Education and experience will help you get jobs.

Selling used goods

You've probably had a garage sale or two in your day, but you can now sell your unwanted goods online through sites like eBay or Craigslist. Once you've cleaned unwanted items from your own house, shop at flea markets or garage sales to find items you can sell online.

Virtual assistant

If you have good office skills, work as a virtual assistant, or a freelance administrative assistant. Tasks may include writing letters and making reservations. Typical clients don't have the need for a full-time assistant, but still need some help. Pay is usually by the hour.

Stock photos

If you fancy yourself a photographer, you can sell your images as stock photos. Sign up as a photographer through a Web site that sells stock photos and upload your photos. When a user purchases your photo, you get paid. The price per photo is typically low, but if you have hundreds or thousands of images, you can make a decent wage.