Clipper Blade Sharpening Instructions

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Sharpening your own clipper blades instead of sending them out to a service can save you money and time. Clipper blades can be sharpened at home in less than 20 minutes, leaving you prepared for a full day of cutting hair with precise clippers and trimmers.


Purchase a blade sharpener online or from a barber supply store. Familiarize yourself with your clippers, because taking them apart and putting them back together is vital knowledge that is needed for this process. Remove the blades from the clippers with a screwdriver. Place the moving blade onto your sharpening device, and then line up your clipper's tension spring on top of it.

Sharpening the Moving Blade

Turn on the clippers, and apply light pressure while moving the clippers back and forth on the sharpening block for a few minutes. Hearing the blade grinding against the block signifies that the blade is sharpening. Turn your clippers off.

Sharpening the Guide Blade

Pick up your screwdriver again and remove the guide from the guide blade. Place the guide blade on the sharpener, and rub back and forth with your hands for a couple of minutes. Put the guide back on the blade when finished, then put your blades back onto the clippers using your screwdriver.


Always make sure your clippers are in the off position and unplugged when removing the blades. The blades are sharp, so avoid running the top of them across your fingers or hands.


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