Letter of Intent for Employment Examples

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A letter of intent for employment is also called a cover letter. Essentially, the goal of the letter is to inform a potential employer that you are interested in working for his or her company. The tone of the letter should be professional and cordial. The letter itself should be roughly one page and three to four paragraphs.

The Opening

Here's the scenario: Courtney CollegeGrad is interested in working for Moneybag Smith's advertising company. She's found an entry-level opening for an ad designer. She might start her letter as follows:

"Dear Mr. Smith:

My name is Courtney CollegeGrad. I recently graduated from Countryville State University, where I majored in advertising. While speaking with a colleague, I was informed that your company is looking to hire an entry-level ad designer. I believe I would make an excellent candidate for this position."

In this example, Courtney has introduced herself, explained how she came to know about the position and expressed interest in the position. She is ready to explain why she would make an excellent candidate in the middle paragraph.

The Middle

Courtney might continue as follows:

"Attached to this cover letter is my college transcript. A review of this document will show you that I have what it takes to succeed in your company. I received the top grade in both my creative writing course and my creative advertising course. As part of my creative advertising course, I worked on a team to develop an advertising campaign for a soft drink. The project was actually pitched to a company that opted to accept it. Since your company specializes in producing advertisements for soft-drink companies, my experience from this project will directly correlate to tasks at your company."

This paragraph highlights Courtney's relevant experience and explains why she is an ideal candidate. She uses examples and makes those examples fit into whatever position she is applying for. From here, she can close the letter.

The Closing

The closing should be short and simple.

"In closing, thank you for your time and consideration. I know I will be an excellent addition to your company. In addition to my college transcript, I have attached a resume for your review. I will contact your office in two weeks to schedule a time for us to meet. I look forward to hearing from you.


Courtney CollegeGrad"

Courtney ends her letter by thanking the employer for reading it and by mentioning she will follow up with a phone call. She calls attention to any attachments and ends with another statement of interest.