Free Game Ideas to Play at a Sales Meeting

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Sales meetings can be fun experiences or necessary evils. It would be ideal for your sales staff to look forward to monthly sales meetings to learn about new products and get tips on creating successful sales pitches. What attendees don't want is a two-hour lecture. Managers can incorporate games to make the meetings more exciting and interactive.


Trivia games are an easy way to get attendees involved in the process. They can be set up for individual play or for small teams. The trivia should focus on specific aspects of the company, the products and the sales techniques that lead to success. Questions and answers can be printed or posted online for future reference.

Many companies like the trivia format because it gets people involved and costs no money. A trivia game can be set up on plain index cards or on a PowerPoint presentation. These games are also easily adaptable to different topics, providing a quick way to update an old game for a new meeting.


Role-playing games can add an element of practice to the meeting. Some leaders spend most of the meeting talking about sales strategies and giving examples. A role-playing game gives the attendees the opportunity to put those strategies into practice.

Role-playing can be structured in two ways. The first is to collect business cards, draw two names from the pile and create a sales situation. One player will be the buyer and the other will be the seller.

The second way is to provide a group role-playing situation. This game helps teach the skills needed to handle problem accounts that are uncommitted to the sale. The group works together to come up with suggestions for the sales representative to implement to make the sale a success.

Team-Building Challenges

Team-building challenges provide a way for people to work together and get to know one another at a sales meeting. Many meetings will have sales representatives from all over a specific region, and some sales meetings bring together representatives from all over the country. Working with new people can help staff members learn their strengths and weaknesses as part of a team.

A team-building challenge that works well for sales meetings is a tower-building challenge. This activity is often done with straws. The groups are given a specific amount of time and materials, and the members must work together to try to create the tallest tower. This reinforces the fact that every individual on the team is important and helps develop good communication skills and the ability to work under a deadline.