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What Type of Employee Motivation Does Coca-Cola Offer?

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Coca-Cola is a huge international brand that has more than 700,000 employees. The company has very specific practices in place to ensure that employees are motivated to do their best and feel like they have an important role in the company's future.

Communication that Leads to Results

When Coca-Cola employees are asked for their opinions, they know that someone's listening; Coca-Cola developed its mission statement and core values around employee input. Every year, it distributes a global Employee Insights Survey, seeking employee insight on how the company is run and how things can be improved. The survey is more than just a pen-and-paper form. It typically comes in the form of a private website or blog, open for a limited period of time, where employees can respond and offer ideas and criticisms on management and other subjects. Coca-Cola tracks the responses and resulting improvement from year to year.

Training and Mentoring

Allowing employees the opportunity to grow in their skills and be trained to do even more is a big focus at Coca-Cola. The company offers a number of development programs to encourage and motivate employees. Peak Performance offers continual opportunities for employee rewards; developmental forums offer teaching opportunities; and functional developments let employees build job skills for their area of focus. Coca-Cola University is an online teaching environment for employees. In addition, employees are given short-term assignments that give them a chance to work in a field different from their own, whether it's a different department or a different country.

Financial Rewards

Coca-Cola also offers financial rewards to motivate employees to reach greater pinnacles. Compensation is competitive. Every year, employees have performance reviews that give them a chance to receive merit raises. A Coca-Cola Red Tag program rewards employees with travel and merchandise as a way to recognize exceptional performance. Employees also get tuition reimbursement, and their children can qualify for scholarship funds. Car discounts, free parking and employee discount programs are also offered.

Energizing Environment

Coca-Cola also strives to offer an energizing environment that will motivate employees every day. On site, employees have access to a cafeteria, dry cleaning, a credit union, a store and free parking. Different Coca-Cola work sites offer different perks. In the UK, the Coca-Cola headquarters includes free drinks and fruit, special hours during the summer and an on-site gym.


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