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Training for Taco Bell Employees

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Taco Bell is a Mexican-inspired restaurant that has etched a place in the North American fast food scene with over 350 franchise organizations and 6,000 stores throughout the United States. Taco Bell employees undergo intensive training in order to provide quality customer service and exceptional food to hungry patrons. A combination of instructor-led and online offerings help employees maintain and deliver Taco Bell's brand of delicious fast food and pleasant service.

Available Resources

Taco Bell employees are provided access to the restaurant's training manual. This comprehensive manual outlines different training modalities that employees will use as they begin their tenure with the company. This includes a description of the Learning Zone, Taco Bell's primary online learning system. The training manual also offers detailed instructions on a variety of processes, including the proper way to operate deep fryers and other restaurant equipment, and lists the cleaning responsibilities assigned to different crew shifts. Employees are also provided an orientation handbook that lists various Taco Bell policies, benefit information and a blank training schedule to help new employees track their training progress.

Online Training

Taco Bell provides online training via the Learning Zone training portal. This program helps prepare employees to safely handle food, properly clean areas where food is handled, implement exceptional customer service and more. Employees new to Taco Bell are required to make at least a 90 percent on all Learning Zone tests, which can only be accessed by logging in to the training portal, using credentials provided by the restaurant. Employees must complete all required Learning Zone training before handling or preparing food.

On-the-Job Training

New Taco Bell employees are offered on-the-job training that will help ensure their success. Managers and shift leads will coordinate this training with all new employees. Taco Bell trainers may be given a training job aid, listing topics they must cover with new employees. This job aid helps trainers maximize their time training new employees and ensures that all relevant topics are discussed. During the initial training period, new employees are shown the proper way to make food items, clean areas, run the cash register and more. This face-to-face training helps support other training opportunities such as the online Taco Bell Learning Zone program.

Continued Training

There are many aspects to working in a Taco Bell restaurant, such as drive-thru presentation and being a front desk cashier. Employees who continually update their skills will not only increase their chances of being successful in their job, but they may also eventually transition into a management or leadership role within their franchise, if they desire. As employees transition into new or elevated roles, further training may be provided to help them successfully execute their new responsibilities. Employees desiring to move laterally into different functions may request the necessary training to earn a new role. Depending on the position, on-the-job training, online training or both may be required.


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